Karen Cheng

15 07 2008

I have enjoyed reading Karen Cheng’s blog – Snippets of Life – these few weeks..

Very regular update and interesting post entry.. abt fashion, her family (inclusive 2 adorable sons – Callum & Sean), lifestyle, balanced life …

Callum & Sean

Callum & Sean

(extracted from her website)

Snippets of Life is a website about women’s lifestyle, fashion and living a balanced and fulfilling life.

It also covers topics on family, parenting, children, food, art, design, photography, and online shopping.

It focuses on being inspiring, positive, humourous, optimistic, passionate, fashionable, motivated, productive, creative, and to live a happy, fulfilled and balanced life.

One of my fav reading recently is this post entry – absence makes the heart grow fonder

My husband and I were away in Singapore for 4 days. It was the first time that we’ve been away from our boys (for more than a day).

I guess I assumed that since 4 days was such a ridiculously short amount of time, we would be back in a flash, and things would be pretty much exactly the same as we left.

But it was not so.

In 4 days I seem to have developed this strange shift in my perspective towards my kids.

My goodness, my kids! They are so funny! They say the craziest things! They are so random! So cute! Look at them! They are putting on their own socks! They can count things!

It’s as if I’m new parent again.

As if I’ve never seen a little kid build a lego spaceship.

As if a conversation with a 3 year old about the Dangers of Rubber Bands was the coolest thing that happened to me that day.

As if the little faces tucked between the blankets and pillows, smiling up at me in the dark, fell from the sky like a million dollars and changed my life in an instant.

Sheesh, I love being a mother.

Very sweet .. and makes me enjoy and able to share her joy as mother..

The reading is all started when I saw a post entry from MsSheepy about this “Doing The Karen Cheng” stuff.. then following her, I also joined  Doing The Karen Cheng group in Facebook.. From there, I understand how the “Doing the Karen Cheng” comes back.. Read here for details.

Basically Karen Cheng, a Singaporean residing in Perth, loves to take fotos in front of the mirror while she wears nice dresses, doing the review… So it becomes an icon of her.. And those loyal readers who has been following her blog for many years began to pick up this ‘style’, recognized this as Karen’s signature pose and named it “Doing the Karen Cheng” (DTKC). So we have SATC (Sex and The City) and now DTKC .. =p Oh… there is also KYHC… nothing big.. just my initials.. hohoohoo =p

Karen Cheng and her signature pose

Karen Cheng

So now there is an official site, devoted to the crazy people, a bit (or a lot) dressed up, taking their own photograph in a mirror (not forgetting the head tilt) in Karen’s facebook group called “Doing The Karen Cheng”.

There are some tips and rules about the uploaded fotos..

Turn off the flash – or else you get bad glare!
If your pictures are blurry, hold the camera very still.
Still blurry? Then use the 2 second timer function on the camera to reduce the camera movement when you ‘click’.Rules:
The picture has to be taken into a mirror.
You have to be dress up nicely (or at least, unusually).
You have to have clothes on.
You have to show your face.
You have to include your name and location ( and url if you’ve got one).
Dressing room mirrors. Elevators. Café mirrors. Big windows. Chrome objects and surfaces.

Have fun!




I also had upload some fotos of the doing the karen cheng into the group… hahaaa yeahh… =p




juskawaime in black

juskawaime in black

Karen was here in Singapore during her birthday week and had thought of ‘crazy idea’ to help Mynmar pple by raising $$ for the Singapore Red Cross.. that is 5th July 2008,  having a “Doing the Karen Cheng” in Singapore.. where attendees will donate S$10 to Red Cross when “doing the Karen Cheng” .. for fun, for catch up (with many bloggers) and for needy pple… Read more abt the idea here and the event here.
Doing the Karen Cheng in Singapore

Doing the Karen Cheng in Singapore

Too bad I could not make it for the event… but still congratulation in the fantastic result and outcome, Karen has achieved.. The event was a success. They had over a hundred of people turn up, and they raised approximately $2000 in 2 hours! *clapzz*

mypaper coverage

Karen has turned 30 years old this year.. Great! And how I wish I also had half of her achievements..  *Gee*

Hi Karen, all the best in more to come… and hope your 3rd baby will be coming soon…  *cross fingers for you* =)