Simpson Drawing

22 09 2008
Borrowed this book from library…
Was charmed by the step-by-step drawing..
Loving the drawings.. and I am not even Simpson’s fan!! hahaha..
I do not appreciate their shows/jokes.. but my youngest bro, Andry, loves them =)
But from the drawings of the book, I got to know the main characters (The family) of Simpson also..
There are Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie ..
Simpson Handbook

Simpson Handbook

 I also got to know the supporting casts, and how to draw them too…
The supporting casts are Grampa, Groundskeeper Willie, Barney, Milhouse, Mrs. Krabappel, Krusty the Clown, Sideshow Bob, Lenny, Carl, Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Ralph Wiggum, Moe, Kang, Comic Book Guy, Otto, Santa’s little helper, Snowball II, Nelson, Itchy, Scratchy, Apu, Principal Skinner, Police Chief Wiggum, Patty, Selma…
Steps to draw Homer

Steps to draw Homer

I am NOT an ART person.. neither can I draw very well…But I always wish I can draw better!! hahaaBut I am just suck at it!!Which is why I really like and appreciate this book.. on teaching you how to start drawing using the circles, boxes, lines…  It makes drawing fun, interesting and easy!!Oh well… not very easy… but easier.. I guess =)
I had a go for Homer, Bart, Marge and Lisa..
juskawaime's drawings

juskawaime's drawing

How is it?? (=

LLA 2008

14 09 2008

Ahheem… *cough cough*…

juskawaime is officially a nominee of LLA – Lifelong Learner Award 2008



HAH! *mouth open big big*


A friend, Mel, has the audacity to nominate me for LLA. Hahaa though I felt that she is crazy to do that, I appreciated her for having so much faith in me and my studies… I was encouraged and pleased, in fact. When she told me , on last Tuesday night, after our Jap class, that she was planning to nominate me, I scoffed at her.. She must be joking!! Me? Lifelong Learner…?? hahaa

My impression is that Lifelong Learner Award’s nominees should be of considerable age.. (I am still young.. =p), constantly learning in their life journey and upgrading their skills/knowledge/expertise to stay competative and useful to this ever-changing working world.. This hat is definitely too big for me.. Anyway check out past individual winners of LLA here.

I told Mel that I am elated that she has this thought, I appreciated it and lets stop here…. Yet on thursday morning, I received an SMS from her stating:

“Ok I nominate you liao. You go see ur email. Good e luck heh heh..”


I thought I will be receiving some sort of ‘notification’ from the organizer.. Nope .. it was what she wrote of me for the nomination Form. There are 4 qs that you need to answer:

1. What did the nominee do to constantly upgrade his/her skills?

2. How did the training help the nominee keep his job, do different areas of work or switch to a new career?

3. How did the nominee overcome challenges in his/her learning journey?

4. How did the training help the nominee to improve productivity, create better work flow, reduce costs or increase customer satisfaction?

This is what sweet Mel wrote:

Within the short span of time that I know her, she’s constantly taking up courses to upgrade herself, and sometimes concurrently as well while EXCELLING in all of them. She is always onto something new. I’ve never met anyone quite so driven.

It is not easy but she makes it seem like a breeze. She manages by playing hard as well as working and studying hard. She plays badminton and tennis (she used to play for the school) each week, and enjoys the company of her friends & discovering new places to eat/go. Religion & a bit of travel helps too. She is a very balanced individual.

I’m probably selling her short by stating only what little I know of her thus far, but I truly think the award should go to her.

Hahaa… It was such honour that someone felt this way for me.. Thank you Mel… *muack*

I can see why she felt that way (as in me taking up courses to upgrade myself always)… coz….

Year 2007 was a big step/change for me.. it was like the start of my ‘study’ year… =)

After working for 5 years… i suddenly realized the need to study more… I was deciding to either take a Master of same field, engineering, or some course of other fields.. like Tourism, marketing, and eventually I decided on Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication in MDIS, Management Development Institude of Singapore. I was particularly keen on Public Relations course.



I have completed all my modules including my graduation project so far. Have scored almost all ‘A’ for all my modules, except of Journalism – scoring a “B”. Am now waiting for the scores of my last semester’s exams – Public Relations and Graduation project. Hopefully I will be getting more good achievements =)






I also finally stop procastinating and signed up for Japanese course (Elementary) in JCS… It is a one year course (2hrs each week). I had always loved Japanese language, I even took Jap for my general electives in NTU for 2 semesters.. Unfortunately, I never take any JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) papers before as it is always held in December and it was the time for me to go home to Indonesia (during school holiday). I took my JLPT4 last year and managed to score well.. I continued to take intermediate Japanese course this year, and also registered for JLPT3 (it will be held on 7th Dec 2008, Sunday). To be able to handle this test, I also took up a JLPT3 preparation course. It is a 3 month course, which meant that I am having 4hrs of Japanese class every week…

After I completed my Mass Communication, I promised myself to do more exercises and concentrated on my Japanese.. So my weekly activity now is:

Monday: jogging

Tuesday: Japanese

Wed: Tennis

Thurs: Japanese

Fri: Gathering with friends

Sat & Sun: Badminton and/or swimming

There are also lots of things that I want to learn, know, experience, study, master…. like:

  1. Mastering Japanese Language
  2. Learning to draw comics
  3. Psychology
  4. Salsa dancing
  5. Line dancing
  6. Pottery?
  7. Calligraphy?
  8. Knitting?
  9. Photoshop skill?
  10. C/C++ language
  11. Photography
  12. Leadership skill
  13. Web site / blog skill

I guess this list will continue… and may change/modify over the years… I just hope that I will be able to accomplish them one by one …

Oh btw, I am writing this not to ask u to vote for me.. haha and need not nominate me also..

Coz one of the rules is:

Multiple submissions of the same nominee, whether by the same nominator or otherwise, shall not be entertained. Should MPL receive such multiple submissions, only the first entry shall be considered.

and another rule is:

A panel of judges, comprising representatives from MPL, WDA, NTUC and Spring Singapore, will review the nominations and select the final Award recipients. The selection and number of judges, and the manner in which the Award is judged shall be at MPL’s sole and absolute discretion. The judges’ and MPL’s decision at any and all stages of the Award is final. No enquiries, appeals, verbal or written, shall be entertained. The nominees and the nominators shall accept and abide by all decisions made by MPL and/or the judges concerning, without limitation, the rules of participation, procedures and regulations of the Award, the award of prizes and any other matters relating to the Award including the production thereof.

But  you can nominate others…

So why do you need to nominate?? (u may asked urself)

To recognize the efforts done by people surrounding you, encouraging and supporting them and also let the lifelong learning spirit continues … “Never Stop Thinking” is my company’s motto.. our personal motto should be “Never Stop Learning”..

Most importantly, you, as the nominator, can receive S$200/- for ur nominee is selected. And ur nominee can get S$500 to further upgrade his/her skills… Killing 2 birds in one stone.. Nice … =)

Each Award recipient (Individual category ONLY) shall be granted S$500 to spend on further self-improvement and self-development programmes. Each nominator of the Individual category, shall receive S$200 for the successful Award recipient.

Mel hopes I win.. I also do hope I win..

There are much I can do with the prize and the recognition.

But if I dun win, I still salute and look up to those lifelong learning spirit..

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How to draw cartoon in PowerPoint

29 07 2008

Upload by Yusdi at Gift from Heaven blog

I will try to do it after my exams.. *WeeEEeee*



Learning the Word of the Day

28 07 2008

Never stop learning… (NSL) .. I adopted this from my company’s concept (Never Stop Thinking)..

Yes .. i want to improve my vocab and new words..

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