Sex and the City

4 06 2008

2nd June 2008


Dun say I never warn u!

Pls do not continue if u have not watched this movie and wish to watch it as I do not want to spoil the movie for you. You can come back again and read after you have watched the movie and perhaps share your thoughts with me.

If not, pls continue reading below.

Note: this is a long entry.. Just skip it if u felt it is too lengthy…

Sex and the City

Jo jo me to watch the movie: Sex and the City on Monday’s nite. She wanted to see many movies… like Narnia, Indiana Jones.. and she felt that maybe I will prob will want to watch Sex and the City with her, compared to other 2 movies…

Extracted from Jo’s email to deep-sixed:

We went New York2 at AMK hub, followed by a movie, we watched Sex & The City. It’s a good show. KK loved it very much, surprising for her since she doesn’t fancy English shows very much. I wanted to watch Narnia, Indiana Jones or this.. picked this coz think it suits her best so she doesn’t complain. Haha.. she ended up liking it and manage to remember all the names of the characters.
It’ll be good if you and Elaine are with us to watch it together. It’ll be fun, 4 of us.


Well… I didn’t watch any of the Sex and the City drama… Ok maybe I know this show has 4 ladies, with lots of sex? haha That is it!! Only today I also get to know that the show is also set in the New York City, that makes the City of the Sex and the City!! Yes… I am soo ‘kampung’! =p In the movie, I also realized that the 4 female leads are of older age..  Samantha is 50years old! *gosh* Jo also said prob coz of the city, the show also features brand, good clothing, luxurious life… etc etc

4 ladies in Sex and the City

Well well… since we are going to watch a movie set in New York City, it was only perfect by dining also in New York New York.. haha we order and shared 1 set carbonara + chicken and Caesar salad for dinner before watching the show at 9.20pm at Cathay AMK.

New York New York Caesar Salad Cabonara_w_Chicken

Initially I was concern that since I didn’t watch any of the Sex and the City drama show before , i may not understand some or most of the ‘jokes’ or storyline… but I was wrong. I still enjoyed the movie.. No confusion.. In fact, kind of like this movie!! I was just telling Jo that I don’t mind watching it for the 2nd time again!! haha then I thought… I prob get the DVD so that I can watch it again and again!! hoohooo Does that meant I am hoooked???? Hmm…. =p

My colleague commented that this is another ‘Chick-flick’! hahaa.. So I realized I kind of like Chick-flicks! =p BTW, side-track a bit.. Lily, the chinese daughter adopted by Charlotte is very adorable and sweet!! =)


I remembered I cried – 3x, laugh a loud – 2x, chuckle – several times, clapz – 1x!! hahaa Movie was long… 2hrs 25mins? We watched the 9.20pm show, it started abt 9.30pm after the commercials.. and I only noticed the time when Jo showed me (almost ending of the movie) that the time was 11.40pm? She was concern coz she promised her mum to be home early.. Oh well it seems we are only out of the amk hub at midnight.. But seriously, I enjoyed the long movie, and didn’t get bored at all.. I didn’t even realized that time has past!

My Favourites of the movie (in no particular order):

Jo’s fav will be where Charlotte poo-poo in her pant!! hohoohooo

1st favourite: will be the time where Carrie has photo-taking session for the Vouge cover for wedding dresses.. very beautiful and glamourous and sweet and nice…

vouge wedding photo

2nd Favourite: will be when Charlotte bumped to Mr. Big (after he hurt Carrie) and said to him what she has practiced she will say to him if she see him again, “I cursed you from the day you are born!” with hand-action and then her waterbag burst. Some of the audiences clapz their hands or laugh a loud at the moment Charlotte said those to Mr. Big! hahaaa *interesting*

3rd Favourite: I thought that the time where the girls are helping Carrie to decide what clothes to throw (toss) or take to her new apartment is very fun.. and also nice… girlfriends are always there to help you decide what to do if you can’t decide.. hoohoohooo.. =) More imptly is girlfriends are always there for you (when ur happy, sad, down…).

Take or toss the dress

BTW, I was able to pick bits and pieces of the 4 characters from the movie…


Carrie is a writer/author with bf of 10yrs Mr. Big a.ka. John. She love big closet.. walk-in wardrobe is what she requested for her wedding (instead of a diamond ring). She love borrowing books from library, like the old smell of the books, and eventually felt that library, that holds many romantic sweet love letter, is the best to have the wedding. John has 2 failed marriage and has phobia in getting married.. afraid that everything will change when both get married. In the end, he abandoned Carrie during the wedding day. He didn’t even go in even though he is already outside the library.


Samantha is 50years old and most sexually confident and has great crave for sex. She even bought a dog just coz she/it is also always very sex-driven. forever doing those action when doggy is horny. She still looks sexy at her age as she believed in botox. Marriage is not in her list and even a relationship with a younger man, model/actor, Smith Jerrod, is eventually not her cup of tea. She does not want to be just tied up with a man..


Miranda is career minded lawyer, finding hard to have sexual drive with her hubby, Steve, as she has to handle/balance her work, family and son, Brady. So lots of time, they dun have sex or she wants quick sex so that she can rest early and work early next morning. That makes her hubby had a sex with another girl one day. Miranda was not able to accept this at all and move out.


Charlotte (I think the prettiest and sweetest) watched/cautious of what she eat, like jogging.. She felt she is the most blessed among four and vow to treasure what she has, yet afraid she might lose them all since bad things happened to Carrie and Miranda as well. She can’t conceive so she adopted a beautiful chinese girl named Lily. And later God bless her with a baby girl, Rose.

And later watching the movie, I confirmed my discovery and find out more here.

Oh just for the fun side, I have come up with some of our own Sex and the City with my gfs:

Set 1:

Jo to be Miranda (Though she proclaimed that she is more of Charlotte, prim & proper, as sweet as her *roll eyes* and also likes to scream at everything and anything…)

deep-sixed to be Carrie, so Sencha to be Mr. Big

Senorita-E to be Charlotte

Alicia, juskawaime to be Samantha

And since we have 5 girls… so there will be 2 ‘Samantha’s … Initially I was contemplating with Miranda or Samantha.. but deep-sixed stated I am more of Samantha! *is it??* Oh well… -_-”

Set 2:

Jenny to be Charlotte?

Jo still as Miranda?

Sally as Carrie?

juskawaime as Samantha? 

Set 3:

Jenny, Esther, Huijing as Miranda?

Annie, Qiubo as Charlotte?

Eelynn, MsSheepy as Carrie?

juskawaime and Linda as Samantha? 

If you are keen, the official movie website offer quiz to determine which are the man for you.. And guess who did I get?? It is the down-to-earth Steve! Hooohooo Check out yours here! =)


More facts of the movie Sex and the City (2008):

The continuing adventures of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as they live their lives in Manhattan four years after the series ended.

Release date: 30th May 2008 (Worldwide), 29th May 2008 (Singapore)

Taglines: Get Carried Away

Actors/Actresses and their roles/characters:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker playing Carrie Bradshaw
  • Kim Cattrall playing Samantha Jones
  • Kristin Davis playing Charlotte York
  • Cynthia Nixon playing Miranda Hobbes
  • Chris Noth playing Carrie’s handsome yet elusive Mr. Big
  • Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) playing Carrie’s new, young and inexperienced but still label-savvy assistant, Louise
  • David Eigenberg playing Miranda’s down-to-earth husband Steve Brady
  • Evan Handler playing Charlotte’s dependable and loving husband, Harry Goldenblatt
  • Jason Lewis playing Samantha’s devoted lover and client, Jerry Smith Jerrod
  • Mario Cantone playing Charlotte’s opinionated wedding planner, Anthony Marentino
  • Willie Garson playing Carrie’s sartorially splendid pal, Stanford Blatch
  • Candice Bergen playing preeminent Vouge Magazine editor Enid Frick
  • Joseph Pupo playing Brady Hobbes

Movie is directed by Michael Patrick King. Producers are Michael Patrick King, Sarah Jessica Parker, John Melfi and Dareen Star. The stars are dressed by iconic fashion designer Patricia Field, who defined a decade of fashion.