Problem w WordPress

15 08 2008

Not sure what’s wrong with WordPress nowadays??

Either uploading is slow, opening of main page is slow.. thus unable to log in any entry

I still have problems in uploading photos and pic.. – I cannot upload any fotos!!!

so pardon me..  my entries will be foto-less unless this issue/problem have been solved.. =(

High blog Hit!

23 07 2008

Sometimes it is not difficult to get high visit to ur blog.. I realized… and from blog’s hits, you can observe what topic people are interested.. but of course, there are lots of other topics pple are interested.. and you dun write all topics.. But if you wrote a topic, you can check if people are keen on the same topic or are searching for the topics..

But I noticed that people are keen on topics like “Latest trendy haircut”, “Fann Wong”, “Koh Yah Hwee”, “Jackson Tan”, “Singapore public holiday 2009″…….. (some of the topics I wrote before)..  These are “all time favourites”….. Sometimes some search is periodical (at that moment) … like 青蛙王子拜金女.. etc

top post, top search

top post, top search

As for now, the fever is on “一切完美”,  “Perfect cut” and “我知道我变漂亮了”…. These can be observed in the search engine terms …



 For just the MV, there were already 104 views yesterday.



Thus coz of my previous 2 post on these topics, I broke my highest day record of 199 to 326  391 yesterday. So how to increase your blog’s hit or visitors’ flow?? Write topics of  people’s interest!! Of coz, there are many other ways to increase your blog’s hit views…  Can share with me also… =)


blog_hit_dailyNow going to 366! (updated)blog_stats

Now going to 391!! on Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busiest day: 439 — Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busiest day: 443 — Friday, July 25, 2008 (NEW!)




Above services/views are not possible without wordpress ! So when you blog, if you are amateur or expert, choose the right blog service site. If you are new to blogging, you can try out wordpress’s services… all the above said are available in wordpress..

Purpose of this entry is not to tell you to create umpteen post entries just to increase the numbers of hit or visits to ur  blog. You should write a blog that you want to write for and about… A blog of ur ideal may not be having high flow of readers (coz it is exclusive!) So.. get ur objectives right. What is ur target audience?? What is the content you want??? Be it for people/readers/visitors or for yourself.. (blogging is definitely time and effort consuming…) And eventually find the correct blogging tools to help you … (hint=wordpress!) hahaa

Juskawaime ‘s principle is this blog is written for myself and to share with my loved ones and my friends… And of course, those who are keen on the topics — can also refer to them… And perhaps we can be friends then…  haha Yes.. Friends are never many… just like $$ .. (well I haven’t experience having too much $$.. at least for now… =p Will look forward to the days where I have too much $$ .. Yes!! I love such headache and stress…. =p ) In this blog, I wrote about issues/things/events that I witnessed, experienced, read, keen, enjoyed… stuffs that i found amusing, worthwhile, touching, inspiring, encouraging.. and also a record of my events, feelings, ideas, sharing…

My blog is like my diary, something I can refer or look back in future..