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I’m just a wannabe kawai babe – someone to bring and share hope, love, joy, blessing, happiness and laughter to the people surrounding me – that is me – juskawaime


More about this blog:

This blog is my personal space for my own experience, thoughts, enjoyment, sharing, favorites.. I write things/moments/stuffs/people/events that I want to remember myself and also to share with my family, friends and other readers. Names used may or may not be the real names.

Regardless of how you bump or come across to this website, I wish you enjoy your stay and do leave comments if you like. Thank you and have a nice day! =)


“This blog is based on the understanding of the writer at the point of writing. Whatever information given, statement written and comments provided are for-your-info only, and may also be subjected to copyright protection. Readers have responsibility to verify and confirm whatever information in this blog if necessary. Readers are not allowed to use any information inside, be it personal or non-personal, confidential or non-confidential, without the permission of the author/writer. Anything extracted from this blog must be credited back to
https://juskawaime.wordpress.com and author/writer juskawaime.

2 responses

25 01 2008

hello. my names brandi.
i’ve watched romantic princess and i loved it!
especially when wu chun is in it. :]
right now, im watching hana kimi taiwan version
i think its better than japanese version.

29 02 2008


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