I am so happy..

26 05 2010

juskawaime loves some of the hymns sang.. Shall share one that been in my mind while going through the fotos of my dad’s 60th birthday celebration.. esp the happy faces of my nephew Kayden and my daddy =) I am so happy when I saw my loved ones are happy..


Splendid church life!

His green garden He has brought us, praise the Lord

To experience the Christ who’s growing here!

He is full of rich enjoyment to His saints in one accord;

He is new and fresh, available and dear.


I’m so happy in this lovely place

In the garden growing in His grace!

There is no finer pleasure than to eat the living tree

And to get the living water into me. (Hymn #1237)


More happy shots =)

Exclusive Interview with Yasmin Ahmad

25 04 2009

Exclusive Interview with Yasmin Ahmad, Director of “Funeral” TVC

See if you can view it.

Facebook link


10 04 2009

Saw this clipz on fren’s facebook profile, loving this commercial.. Cried too .. a few times…. it is very touching..


It is these small things that you will remember…

The little imperfection that makes them perfect for you.

I hope one day, you find yourselves life partners who are as beautifully imperfect as your father was to me.


Great job Yasmin Ahmad and MCYS!! Well done.

Watch it with chinese subtitles here

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Family Gathering in Sg

15 03 2009

Cousin MeiMei and her hubby Ah Liong are in Singapore for visit from 3rd March to 9th March 2009. Together with them are their children, Angeline and Johnsen. First time seeing my niece and nephew, I was happy =D

We went for dinner at Kenny Rogers on tues, Mellben seafood on thurs, movie Watchmen & dinner at Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao on sat, finally Sentosa, dinner at Geylang for Beef Kwey Tiao, Durian feast on sun..

We cousins (from my mum’s side) were all young when we saw each other years back in Jakarta… now when we are reunited again, cousin MeiMei is married with 2 children, cousin Siuping is also married with 2 children…  time flies.. but I like the big family feeling and it is really good that we can have some gathering together here in Sg..

My newphews and niece



This gathering is quite a treasure. This meeting seems impossible years back since we are all over the world. Suddenly we are all in Singapore..  God has brought us all together once again..

MeiMei and her family resides in San Fransisco from past 6years, but now back in Jakarta. They are in Sg for visit this time, but there is chance that they may make Sg their temporary home, to let the children study here in future. lets pray for the best arrangement.. Cousin Yvonne also used to reside in San Fransisco, she came to Sg last year to study Pastry and is now residing in Sg. She will most probably get a job in Sg after graduation. Cousin Siuping studied in NTU, like me, and got married to a Singaporean and now resides in Sg..

And yes, we cousins came across the seas and land, and reunited in Sg, Kenny Rogers, Suntec City … And this time, with their spouses and children.. =)

family gathering

family gathering

S’porean singles focus career ahead of marriage?

15 07 2008

Hmmm … hmmm….

I also dunno why juskawaime is still single…

Is it coz I focus on my career?? Certainly not very true..

So the root cause(s) is/are other issue(s)….??

3 main obstacles to marriage & parenthood
There were three running themes across socialisation and marriage, and having and raising children that could affect Singaporeans from trying to fulfil their personal marriage and parenthood goals.  
  • Financial support
    While financial support in itself was insufficient to encourage participants to have another child, it was deemed necessary to provide support to some extent given rising costs.
  • Work-life balance
    Demanding work commitments could hamper social and family life for both singles and parents.
  • Overall pro-family environment
    The Government, the employers and the community all have a role to play in fostering an overall pro-family environment.
    The Government could help by providing targeted support coupled with suitable and consistent messaging; the employers should be more supportive; and the community should have the right infrastructure in terms of facilitating socialisation opportunities and the provision of quality and affordable childcare, and the right heartware in terms of a more profamily mindset.
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    Niece turn 1mth!

    11 06 2008

    25th May 2008

    Beautiful Kaelin Wong (Jia Ying) has turned 1month..

    She was undisturbed by the many noise created by the guests (adults and children)..

    Wearing a yellow dress, she looked calm, satisfied and beautiful..

    Occassionally she will give a smile in her sleep… as if she has a beautiful and happy dream…

    Watching her gave me a serenity and ‘touched’ feeling..  like .. it is really nice to be alive… and God’s creation is indeed beautiful… =)

    Presenting my niece, Kaelin Wong

    Me + Kaelin

    Group photo *cheers*


    Daddy’s Prezzie

    16 05 2008

    16th May 2008

    Met up with paper cutting master – Deng Jian Hui during Chinese New Year (CNY) 2008 bazaar… He was from China.. was very good with cutting the paper figurine… professional and fast…

    Did one family portrait for my daddy’s bd prezzie..  Had it passed to my dad in Sydney via a friend.. Yes.. it is my daddy’s birthday today!! =)

    Happy Birthday Daddy!! *muack*

    A paper cutting portrait of our whole family – Daddy, Mummy,juskawaime,3 brothers& 2 sis-in-laws

    A quote from bible:


                                                                                                     –  诗篇 23 章 6 节

    Also done paper cutting portraits for my brothers and sis-in-laws

    My 2nd bro & sis-in-law – 志豪 和 洁庭

    My 3rd bro & sis-in-law – 志勇 和 慧丽

    Also did paper cutting for myself… this was given free..

    I shall always practice what is written:

    常常喜乐 (Rejoice)

    不住的祷告 (Unceasingly pray always)

    凡是谢恩 (In everything, give thanks)

    My niece

    4 05 2008

    My cousin, Siuping, gave birth to this little beautiful girl on 27th April 2008, 5pm. She weighs 3.5kg, with height 50cm.. =)

    They had not really decide or confirm the name of their daugther.. now tentatively is called Kahlan Wong. It is pronounced as “Kay len” or “K len”…  Its meaning is “Strong female leader”..  The father, Tze Chean, likes this character lead from a story book “Kahlan” and wishes his daughter will grow up to be such capable lady. =) The mother, kind of likes the meaning – strong leader, but thinks the names sounds like ‘kailan’ coz her friends sms and replied her..  “why not, Cai xin?” hoohooo…

    The father may wanna change the spelling coz Kahlan does not really sounds nice in dialect .. and concern daddy does not wanna her daughter is being laughed and mocked by her classmates in future. I also told him surely many pple dunno how to pronounce this name in the beginning… he is thinking of changing the spelling maybe “Kaylen”, “Kayleen”, “Kaylene”…  Meaning may differs then.. well.. as long as parents love the name… =)

    In the meanwhile, they can look up to this for reference

    Beautiful niece =D

    niece big eyes girl 

    For being an older brother, Alden (almost 2 years older than his little sister) is protective of his little sister. Alden means protector.. Hopefully he will be protector of his sister too =) As being promoted to a big brother, I bought him a Spiderman culinary Set.. Happy him can be seen playing the ‘masak masak’ (cooking)… hehee =)

    juskawaime and little girl… (1st pic)  Alden playing with his culinary set =) (2nd pic)

    me and niece Alden 

    Happy girls

    happy girls